CFD Projects

Rud Aero


A 2-seat acrobatic aircraft was designed as both a side by side and a tandem.  Common parts and assemblies are used on both planes.

Hot Rod Conspiracy


A motorcycle faster than most airplanes... sure.  Last clocked at 274 miles an hour.  Intended to break the current speed record of 376 mph.

Natural Power Concepts


A company founded by an artist that wraps art and design into power generation concepts. Concepts that only utilize the power of nature.

Raptor Aircraft


A turbo diesel in a roomy four seat.  Design and analysis support for the aircraft was provided.  A reduction drive was also designed to convert auto power into propeller power using a constant speed prop.  

AirBoss Aviation Group


A partnership that started in 1997 with AirBoss Aerospace has morphed into ongoing support for AirBoss Aviation Group projects.  Projects include aircraft design and analysis, certified repairs and modifications. 

The NDA's


A  cool project is only cool when it can be talked about.  Unfortunately, non-disclosure agreements keep the cool projects secret...