Who we are...



 Creative Flight Design, LLC was started in 2010 by Mark Bettosini after a long career with AirBoss Aerospce.   While at AirBoss Aerospace, Mark Bettosini and Dave Fawcett designed dozens of new and exciting aircraft.  Many were built and still flying today.    

Providing design services that range from conceptual aircraft design and configuration, lofting, structural analysis, FEA, and CAD documentation, no project is too much.  Mark Bettosini brings over 25 years of experience helping creative dreamers achieve flight... 

AirBoss Aerospace Projects


ATG Javelin, Maverick TwinJet, BearJet, MX2, MXS, FourWinds, ViperJet, Epic LT, Ion

Creative Flight Design Projects


RA2, RA3, Wolf, Raptor, Hot Rod Conspiracy, Avocet

What we do...


Configuration and Layout

 CAD Design in a Three Dimensional Enviornment
Aircraft Lofting
 3D Modeling for 3D Printing
Mold and Tooling Generation 


Design and Analysis

 Weight and Balance
Static and Dynamic Stability
Aircraft Performance
Load Generation
Structural Analysis
Finite Element Analysis 



 Report Generation and Substantiation
Part and Assembly Documentation 

Ground and Flight Testing

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Creative Flight Designs, LLC